New Storm2 9550 video shows off improvements

New Storm2 9550 video shows off improvements
RIM source Salomondrin has made a new video in which he takes a Storm2 with a software build close to what the final one will be, and takes it for a drive around the block. He comments that he has had more than 8 different units of the model and the one in the new video is close to what we should see on launch. The piezo technology keeps the SurePress screen off until it is powered up, or one of the four keys at the bottom of the screen is touched which also turns on the display. Those with the current Storm will be happy to hear that the newer software build (OS is loaded on the device that was filmed) seems to prevent the Storm from the random reboots and freezes that drive many users of the first-gen model, batty. The accelerometer changes orientation quickly now. Salomondrin does admit that there was a lag with earlier Storm2 devices which he blamed on an older OS build.

Some of the features on the 9550 are flick scrolling, the new BlackBerry Messenger 5.0, threaded texting, and the improvement in SurePress allows for multi-touch typing. Instead of typing as fast as the phone will allow you to, with the Storm2, you will be able to type as fast as your abiltity to because of the keyboard's four sensors which allows you to press on more than one letter at a time. Yes, the browser still isn't up to the rarefied air of mobile Safari or the Android browser, even with flick scrolling added. But we know that RIM has promised that their browser will soon catch up to the top ones in the market. RIM has also agreed to partner with Adobe to bring flash support to the 'Berry, which is something that all BlackBerry users can be happy about.

Whether it is October 21st, as we earlier reported today, or a later date, the launch of the BlackBerry Storm2 9550 for Verizon certainly promises to be a major improvement for everyone concerned. Pricing is still an unknown and first-gen owners are still hoping that they are given some kind of compensation for their difficulties.

RIM BlackBerry Storm2 9550 Specifications | Preview


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