New Samsung Gear VR appears to be in the works - presumably for the Galaxy Note 7


Samsung sure seems to think there's a bright future for mobile-based VR, as evidenced by the big investment the company's made in its own Gear VR headset. After producing a couple early Innovator Edition models with limited device compatibility, the company ultimately launched the final Gear VR Consumer Edition, working with all Samsung's big flagship handsets since. But would that run continue, or could critical changes to Samsung's phone design (like going with USB Type-C for the Galaxy Note 7) require the release of a revamped Gear VR to match? That very well may be the route we're headed down, as evidence emerges for a new Gear VR headset in the works.

Existing Gear VR headsets have have arrived with model numbers of the form SM-R32x, with the most recent, the Gear VR Consumer Edition, landing as SM-R322.

But just a couple days back, India's import/export database registered Samsung importing some new test hardware to the nation, with the model number SM-R323.

One of the database entries even identifies SM-R323 as the Gear VR by name, and as we've yet to see any existing version of the handset pick up this model number, it's not a huge jump to assume we might be looking at a new Gear VR for the Galaxy Note 7.

Beyond offering compatibility with Samsung's next wave of smartphones, we're not yet sure what other improvements might be coming to this new Gear VR. One import listing mentions Bluetooth connectivity, but we don't yet know what functionality that might be tied to – could it be related to use with wireless controllers, or something else altogether? If it does launch alongside the Note 7, we could be finding out in just about one month.

source: Zauba
Via: SamMobile

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