New Samsung Galaxy S5 concept compares the handset to the S4 and S III

New Samsung Galaxy S5 concept compares the handset to the S4 and S III
Samsung is almost certainly going to announce its next-gen high-end Galaxy smartphone at MWC 2014 later this month, on February 24. Just a few days ago, the New York Times reportedly confirmed that the handset would be called Galaxy S5 (as everyone’s expecting). It’s said that the S5 would not feature a Quad HD display, so we’re assuming it’s going to use a 1080 x 1920 pixel panel - possibly measuring a tad over 5 inches.

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the new S5 is related to its design. We’ve seen quite many Galaxy S5 concept designs until now, but most of them were unrealistic. Now, Korean website Moveplayer imagined a pretty normal Galaxy S5 that’s 144mm tall and 72mm wide - thus a bit larger than the Galaxy S4 (136.6 x 69.8 mm). The website’s S5 concept uses the leaked Magazine-styled UX for smartphones that we showed you last month. It also keeps Samsung’s signature home button, although we heard that the South Korean company might opt for on-screen virtual keys for this year’s flagship smartphone.

Moveplayer placed their Samsung Galaxy S5 concept next to the Galaxy S4 and the older Galaxy S III for comparison. We’ve taken the liberty of removing the S5’s physical home button in the second image below - and we kind of like the handset more this way. What do our readers think about this concept?

source: Moveplayer (translated)

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