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Galaxy S5: review of design concepts

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Galaxy S5: review of design concepts
Let's face it - we're all looking forward to the Galaxy S5, but none of us knows what Samsung's upcoming flagship smartphone is going to offer. Sure, there are some guesses we can make based on the more persistent rumors we're hearing, but all in all, nothing seems certain at this point - not even the higher-resolution, 2K screen, or the presence of a fingerprint sensor.

But as we said in the beginning, there are many people out there who're dying to lay their eyes on the Galaxy S5, and that means there's a big opportunity for visual artists to have their names seen by a wide audience. The only thing they need to do is to produce a fancy, futuristic Galaxy S5 concept render and submit it to a number of mobile tech sites. From then on, chances are that their work will be seen by thousands, if not millions of people.

As you might have guessed by now, the subject of this post are going to be the beautiful, weird, crazy, fancy and, more often than not, unbelievable Galaxy S5 design concepts that have already started to flood the internet - months before the expected unveiling of Samsung's next-gen smartphone. Needless to say none of what you're going to see in the gallery below has anything to do with the real deal, but we're going to examine these fan-made concepts just for the fun of it.

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