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New Nexus 7 press shots leak, confirm Android 4.3

New Nexus 7 press shots leak, confirm Android 4.3
It seems basically little more than a formality at this point for Google to officially unveil the new Nexus 7 (which is almost definitely happening on Wednesday). We've seen plenty of leaked pics/video, specs, and even potential release dates for the device. Now, we're getting leaked press shots of the device.

And, if the press shot is real, which seems likely given it is coming from @evleaks, it looks like the pics and video we saw were the real deal and not a prototype of the device. The press shots confirm that the rear of the device has been switched to a matte black with the landscape oriented branding, rather than the dimpled surface of the old Nexus 7, though it's unclear if the material has changed or not. It also shows off the new 5MP rear camera, and the new speaker grill on top of the device to match the one at the bottom. 

The front of the device looks much the same as the old Nexus. The only real differences are that the camera has been shifted from the center of the device to be offset right a bit; and, the bezel does look to be a bit slimmer. Otherwise, Android itself looks the same, and there is still the notification light on the bottom of the device. But, it should be noted that the time on the device clock is 4:30, which should point to Android 4.3 being the version at launch. 

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