New Moto X+1 images show the handset's display, wooden back

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New Moto X+1 images show the handset's display, wooden back
A new set of Moto X+1 photos emerged online, giving a clear look at the upcoming handset. The anonymous source revealed that the Moto logo on the phone's back could be, in fact, a power button, which can also be programmed for other shortcuts. The MOTO app is visible on the handset's home-screen, which means there will be some additional software features. Additionally, the front panel is decorated with four sensors, which suggests they can function as depth measurers for a possible 3D-enabled interface, or serve the MOTO app somehow - perhaps gesture controls.

The source included some build details as well. Allegedly, the Moto X+1 boasts an aluminum frame, and the back panels could be built of wood, plastic, leather, denim, and even carbon fiber. We've already seen the wood and leather back models and, reportedly, the carbon fiber option is a Verizon exclusive scheduled for the upcoming months.

For all we know, the Moto X+1 could be revealed on September 4, with the phone possibly coming to Verizon two weeks later, on September 17. If that's true, then we'll learn all there is to know about the Moto X's sucessor pretty soon!

source: TK Tech News


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