New Microsoft ad is more hard-hitting against the Apple iPad

New Microsoft ad is more hard-hitting against the Apple iPad
You might remember Microsoft's recent ad comparing the Windows RT flavored 64GB ASUS VivoTab RT with the fourth-generation Apple iPad. Microsoft even used Siri's voice as a Voice Over announcer. Now, in a more hard-hitting spot, Microsoft shows off capabilities that the ASUS VivoTab has that the Apple iPad doesn't offer out of the box and also shows how the ASUS slate is thinner than the iPad (.32 inch versus .37 inch) and is lighter (1.16 pounds versus 1.44 pounds).

Microsoft is more than happy (gleeful, perhaps?) to show that while the Apple iPad only has the OneNote app, the ASUS slate comes with Microsoft Office. Again, the Redmond based software giant reminds you that while the iPad doesn't multitask, the Windows RT powered tablet does do more than one thing at a time. Want to expand the native storage on your tablet? Good luck looking for the microSD slot on the Apple slate. You can buy an adapter and kudos to Microsoft for pointing that out. But guess what, the microSD slot comes right on the ASUS tablet. Lastly, while a special Apple printer is needed to make a hard copy of your screen, the Windows RT tablet works with most printers right out of the box.

While the first ad was just fun, Microsoft took out its boxing gloves for this one!

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source: Microsoft via WPCentral

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