New Microsoft Surface Pro 4 ad compares the tablet to the wrong Apple product

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The latest Microsoft Surface Pro 4 ad starting running last week. The 30-second spot compares the Surface Pro 4 with a Type Cover, to the 13.3-inch Apple Mac Book Air. Considering that the ad specifically notes how the Surface Pro 4 has a removable QWERTY and a stylus, and the Mac Book Air doesn't, we wonder if Microsoft has purposely aimed its high end slate against the wrong Apple product.

Why pick the Mac Book Air, which is a laptop and not a tablet? The appropriate device for Microsoft to have challenged in the ad would have been the Apple iPad Pro. And lo and behold, that tablet does offer a touch screen, a removable QWERTY and a stylus just like the Surface Pro 4 does. While it is great that Microsoft thinks so highly of the Surface Pro 4 that it compares it to a laptop, the ad does seem to be misleading. Even if you make the argument that the Surface Pro 4 carries a full desktop OS inside, the argument here is based on hardware, not software.

Microsoft is trying to force feed consumers by giving them an improper comparison coated with a catchy toe-tapping song. You can check out the ad yourself by clicking on the video at the top of this story.

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