New 'Fruit vs. Robot' mobile game lets you play out Apple Fanboy vs. Fandroid battle

New 'Fruit vs. Robot' mobile game lets you play out Apple Fanboy vs. Fandroid battle
Now that the verdict is in for the Apple v. Samsung patent trial, you know that there are going to be happy Apple fanboys and unhappy Fandroids. But as long as we are splitting up a large percentage of mobile phone users into one of these two camps, we'd love to tell you about a new mobile game called Fruit vs. Robot. You pick the side that you want to play as and then take on the other side in a number of challenges like arcade games, board games and trivia games.  Your opponent can be a friend, relative, lover or a random person from some unknown corner of the globe. Players can select their own avatar from a choice of over 100 unlockable options

Australian developer Mirsad Makalic came up with the game after he left the Apple iPhone for Android. According to Makalic, his office was full of Apple fanboys which led to many hours of the usual Apple versus Android arguments. While Makalic didn;t have the finances to develop the game himself, he had convinced a friend to help. The friend quit his job and the duo hired an Indonesian artist. The three finished the game in four months.

By the way, the game is available as a free download for both iOS and Android from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively.

source: GooglePlayStore


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