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New Find My iPhone beta replaces Google Maps with Apple Maps

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New Find My iPhone beta replaces Google Maps with Apple Maps
Whether or not you feel comfortable with Apple Maps, it seems that Apple will soon be turning to its own in-house mapping service to power the Find My iPhone application. Those using the beta version of iCloud, are now seeing the location of their lost iPhone appear on Apple Maps instead of Google Maps. While Apple Maps originally launched with a plethora of problems and mistakes, including the mislabeling of local points of interests, Apple has worked hard to fix it.

As we recently told you, Apple has been updating its mapping service daily, at around midnight EDT, in order to improve the application. The company has also been seeking new API engineers for Apple Maps, hinting at upcoming improvements to the system.

While those using the regular version of iCloud will still see their beloved handset tracked on Google Maps, soon that will change. Hopefully, whoever has your iPhone doesn't decide to take it to the Australian Outback.

Apple employs its own mapping application for the iCloud beta version of Find My iPhone

source: AppleInsider

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