New 28nm Snapdragon chipset sampling in June, promises a third of the current power conumption

New 28nm Snapdragon chipset sampling in June, promises a third of the current power conumption
Qualcomm missed the dual-core craze in a way, since NVIDIA Tegra 2 managed to get in to phones and tablets by the time the third generation Snapdragon entered the sampling stage. Granted, nothing says system-on-a-chip better than Snapdragon, which integrates every radio you can think of, including the baseband modems in the silicon, but the Scorpion core is still heavily-modified Cortex-A8, unlike the Cortex-A9 chipsets of NVIDIA, Samsung or Texas Instruments.

NVIDIA will be beating everyone to the punch again at the end of this summer, with a quad-core Kal-El chipset, which got demoed on video at Computex 2011 today. Qualcomm, however, is pushing along with a new core, called Krait, for the fourth generation Snapdragon, which should go against chipset with the next Cortex-A15 architecture from ARM. Qualcomm said that this chipset is on track to start sampling in June, and should be available by the end of this year.

Qualcomm's version is remarkable with its 28nm production process, and will probably be the first mobile chipset to break that threshold. Such an efficient method allows for more transistors and less power at the same time. Qualcomm claims 65% reduction in the chipset's power consumption, compared to current chipsets, which is jaw-dropping, and should go a long way towards squeezing extra working hours out of our smartphones. Not to mention 2.5GHz maximum clock speed, 150% increase in performance, and the fact that the Krait core will appear in single, dual, and, yes, quad-core APQ8064 version. We can't wait.

Given the aggressive 28nm goal, Qualcomm might mean the chipset will be available to manufacturers by year-end, rather than go in actual devices you can buy, but we'll wait for more clarity on that matter. For more information on the currrent and future multicore mobile chipsets you can read our in-depth article here.

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2. nb2six

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3. MalakiMills

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I think a single core is good enough for mobile computing as of now (don't get me wrong I still really want that dual core, 4G phone that is supposed to be out on verizon), and if the chip sets start looking like this then I think single core processor's will live to see another day.

6. fanesxx

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thats not what really drains the battery

7. seeds

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i prefer 1.5Ghz-2Ghz single core with 28nm production proces than overpower dual or quad pumped :D because i never rendering my video editing on my Smartphone, i never rendering my image editing, and my maximum multitasking is just 3-4 task*,,,, *SMS, music & internet / telp if you playing games and then multitasking, so who will play the game LOL

8. AndroidTroll

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This news makes me want to hold off on the Evo 3D (which is only cortex A8) and wait for HTC's next phone with the chipset mentioned in this article. Also, the Asus PadFone looks really nice too! If I can wait for 6 more months I might be pleasantly rewarded :)

15. SuperAndroidEvo

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Save some money starting now, & 6 to 8 months from now you can get the next HTC phone that has that new 28nm technology. That way you can still enjoy the HTC Evo 3D. I saved money for the HTC Evo 3D since after I completed my Christmas shopping & now I have the cash to buy the HTC Evo 3D outright. I will use my upgrade to get the new HTC phone that has the new quad-core 28nm technology. If you can save like I did you should be ok. I saved $50.00 every check & I was able to make it work. Hopefully this is able to work for you too. I just can't wait 2 years to upgrade phones, I only keep a phone for 1 year at a time. I work too hard & this is how I repay myself. I went from HTC Hero, to HTC Evo 4G, to now the HTC Evo 3D when It comes out because I have that bad boy preordered! Good luck to you & I hope all works well in the end AdroidTroll.

18. AndroidTroll

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You are totally right, thanks. Yeah I decided I will just have to get the EVO 3D and enjoy it while it lasts because it looks too damn fun to pass up! Plus it's like twice as good as an OG Evo so it will be a nice and worthy upgrade. I wish Sprint didn't switch to that Silver/Gold level Premiere shit because I am no longer eligible for yearly upgrade. I did call them and they let me have a full upgrade this June so I can get the Evo 3D. They said they are allowing all users who purchased the OG Evo last June to have an early upgrade override. Kind of like what Apple did with the iPhone 4 last year. Yeah it is nice to reward yourself with the latest tech becuase it's become a necessity to have a smartphone. On the other hand, I can't help but feel like I am being a wasteful consumer who fuels companies like Foxconn who treat their employees like shit. I will probably sell my Evo for a couple hundred and just buy the 3D outright and save my upgrade like you. I can afford it, but I am still a cheap bastard so it's hard for me lolol.

10. richardyarrell2011

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Bottomline....I will still purchase my evo 3d because spec wise it will be the best device for the summer of 2011 going forward into early 2012. When january or febuary comes I will look into my next device hopefully it will be a google device made by htc with the dualcore MSM8960 processor at 1.5 Ghz or just wait till the next version of the Evo comes out in June or July 2012. The next Evo will have quadcore APQ8064 1.5 or 2.0 processor either way I will always have the best device on the market.

11. richardyarrell2011

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Check this out and READ IT CAREFULLY.... qualcomms-next-gen-snapdragon-on-track-to-sample-n ext-month-28nm-chip-promises-75-lower-power/

19. AndroidTroll

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It is widely known that PhoneArena just rewrites articles from other sites. However, it is a nice sort of news aggregater/one stop shop. Kind of like the Huffington Post.

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