New 10 inch tablet from HTC leaks with unique design

New 10 inch tablet from HTC leaks with unique design
A tweet from the crew at EVLeaks reveals what is said to be a new 10 inch tablet from HTC. The tablet is said to be ready to get introduced at IFA in Berlin and while we have seen some strange tablet designs in the past (the clamshell Sony Tablet P comes to mind along with its brother, the wedge shaped Sony Tablet S), it isn't necessarily the form factor per se that makes us do a double take.

First of all, three of the tablet's sides have no bezel. The fourth side more than makes up for that by having plenty of bezel space. This gives you plenty of grip room along the bottom, which would be fine except that the camera lens is placed smack dab in that new country called Bezelia which could lead to many pictures where your thumb becomes an unwelcome photographic subject. Meanwhile, we don't have a name yet for this device which is sure to attract attention of one kind or another at IFA.

Check out the pictures below, and then check out the comments box so you can let us know what you think of this different design from the Taiwan based manufacturer.

source: EVLeaks via Phandroid

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