Network flaw causes Facebook user to access another account

Network flaw causes Facebook user to access another account
Call it a case of mistaken identity or something else, but one Facebook user who used their Nokia handset to access the site got an unexpected surprise. They were dumbfounded at first when the site looked a little different from what they were used to, but then were shocked to find out that it was someone else’s account they were logged into. Now the problem has been determined to be a glitch resulting from a routing problem with their network provider; AT&T Wireless.  This glitch has opened up a relatively unknown flaw in the system that can have far reaching implications for everyone on the internet. Basically it boils down to the internet losing track of who was who – allowing the Facebook user to inadvertently access another user’s personal information. There were no criminal intentions uncovered obviously by the user, but it clearly exposes some loopholes surrounding the way things get routed.

source: The Boston Globe via Slashdot


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