NVIDIA to release “Tegra 2 3D” processors on smartphones this spring, quad-core coming this fall

NVIDIA to release “Tegra 2 3D” processors on smartphones this spring, quad-core coming this fall

This January sure isa busy month for NVIDIA as most dual-core powerhouses, which areabout to hit market very soon will feature its Tegra 2 processor. Butnow it is about to get even busier according to a leak showing a“Tegra 2 3D” processorin the works for a spring launch.

Tegra2 3D processor by NVIDIA could be clocked at up to1.2 GHzfor each of the two cores and is expected to support 3D displays.This certainly fits well the 3D talk that we have been hearing aboutand in particular – rumors about a big 3D-capable "industry first" device on Sprint.While these are still whispers and the Tegra 2 chip is still monthsaway, the 3D technology is already out there and itseems inevitable that many handsets will feature it in the very nearfuture.

The “world's firstmobile 3D processor” will be based on Dual Cortex-A9 and will allowfor three-dimensional effect similar to the one on the Nintendo 3DS.

But the good newsdoesn't end here. NVIDIA is planning to take over the mobileprocessor world with quad-core devicesexpected somewhere around the fall of 2011. We haven't even seendual-core chipsets out yet (except for South Korea) and news for fourcores have already leaked. The Cortex-A9 based silicon will featurenot only higher clock rate at up to 1.5GHz, but three times the grafficaloomph, support for Blu-ray video, and 1900x 1200 displays fortablets on one hand. Smartphones onthe other, will receive support for resolutions of as much as 1366x 768 pixels and samples are expectedin the last quarter of 2011. But don't worry about the high clockspeed, the quad-core monstrous chips are expected with NVIDIA's ULP(ultra-low power) CPU mode, which would probably manage powerconsumption better. Could Apple lose some of its momentum because ofits choice for the A4 architecture? The summer of this year is surelygoing to be hot.

What else could we want?At such a speed, we wouldn't be surprised to see octa-core chips rollout in 2012, but let's not rush things and just keep our fingerscrossed in hope!

source: SlashGear

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