NTT DoCoMo: LTE so fast, it will cook your shrimp

NTT DoCoMo: LTE so fast, it will cook your shrimp
If you have ever had the good fortune to spend any amount of time in Japan, you might have noticed that TV programming is a whole different animal there. It is entertaining, the news is informative, and there is food everywhere.

The Japanese love their food, and with good reason. So, NTT DoCoMo makes the most of a good situation by illustrating the speed of its expanded LTE service, now being aggregated on its incumbent 1700MHz spectrum.

Cooking and recipe shows are commonplace in Japan, and in some cases, food just pops up, even on programs where the topic is something else entirely. In this case, DoCoMo decides to take a basic recipe for shrimp to the next level.

Why mix in flour, eggs, and breading to be sautéed when an air-cannon, some valves, and open flame can do the trick in a faction of the time. If you think this was fast, wait till they try the dumpling recipe.

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