Move over, Nokia - an old Samsung E1200 can take a bullet for a cop, too

Nokia's phone durability is legendary, especially the older models, and there have been many stories about them taking more abuse than the usual daily wear and tear, and escaping unscathed. Heck, there is even a story about a fairly contemporary Lumia taking a bullet, and saving the life of a police officer

Samsung is not far behind in serving as a kevlar vest, however, as there was a story about a Mega 6.3 protecting its owner from a gunshot wound last summer, and now another one makes the score 2:1 for Samsung. Apparently, police officer Demar Muaña had only an oldie Samsung E1200 between his heart, and a bullet hurtling towards him. 

The incident happened around Cebu in the Philippines during a drug dealer bust, when the officer felt something hitting him hard in the chest. The feeling came from his trusted E1200 that he had in the front pouch of his uniform being hit by a bullet in the shootout that ensued. If it wasn't for the phone, the bullet would have made its way through its heart area, causing unpredictable damage. The officer was still hit in the left arm by other bullets, but this particular one never made it to his ticker, thanks to the "metal casing" of Samsung's handset.

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