Motorola planning to movie its headquarters out of Chicago?

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Motorola planning to movie its headquarters out of Chicago?
With 20 handsets on its plate for the rest of the year, Motorola has a huge task ahead itself if they want to compete in the smartphone market against market leaders RIM and Apple. Up until most recently, Motorola was a step ahead of both companies in global units sales, but it has fallen behind in the most recent quarter. It would seem that Motorola will need to have some elbow room if they intend on getting those 20 handsets out to the market before the end of the year is here. Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha told reporters after a speech in Chicago that the company may plan on moving its headquarters out of Chicago in order to “shake up the business.” Although there is yet to be a decision on where that location would be, Jha did go on to say, “Whatever happens, the vast majority of the folks here in Chicago will continue to stay here. I anticipate that if I do take the headquarters out of here, I’ll take 150 to 200 people.”

source: BusinessWeek



1. ToddD00

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2. rjt185

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3. ILOVEIPHONE25 unregistered

What the hell is the title all about? I don't understand the title? I think you meant move, dude come on...this is just had journalism. I mean

4. networkdood

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5. Whateverman

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Moving!?! Why leave Schaumburg? Come on Motorola, you shipped more than enough Illinois jobs! Leave the HQ where it is. Reinvest that money in R&D and come up with a different UI, Blur is downright painful to look at.

6. wade1968

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1 he isn't shaking anything up. he is looking for a cheap labor force. if motorola would stop making 20 phones a year and focused on better not bigger then they would make more money.

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