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Motorola's smartphones could soon remove almost every bezel

Motorola's smartphones could soon remove almost every bezel.
The Motorola Moto E, Moto G, and Moto Z smartphone lineups could eventually adopt displays that feature almost no bezel, a new patent suggests.

Submitted late last year and published earlier this month, parent company Lenovo describes a total of eight smartphone designs range from ‘Model A’ to ‘Model H.’ The first three models focus on different front panel looks which could be used in the near future. The second set of devices, on the other hand, describes different rear designs.

Starting with Models A, B, and C, these all sport rear panels that resemble current-gen Motorola devices thanks to large circle-shaped camera modules and rear-facing fingerprint scanners. In the case of ‘Model A,’ this rear design is paired with a thick chin up front and a small notch above the display. Overall, the device resembles the recently-announced Moto G7 quite closely. 

Moving on to ‘Model B,’ this smartphone sports a slimmer chin along with the same notch. As a result, the device is reminiscent of the upcoming Moto Z4 Play. ‘Model C,’ however, appears to depict what Motorola’s smartphones will look like in the future. Like the previous two, it maintains the waterdrop-like notch above the display. This time, though, the side and bottom bezels are basically non-existent. 

Taking a look at the remaining models, these all depict different rear setups. Models ‘D’ and ‘E’ resemble slightly updated versions of current Moto Z and Moto P-series devices. Models ‘F’ and ‘H,’ on the other hand, showcase horizontally-aligned cameras that sit in the top-left corner, a design that hasn’t been seen on Motorola smartphones. When it comes to the remaining ‘Model G,’ this rear design resembles the look of older Moto devices by boasting a much smaller camera that sits in the center, just above the LED flash and the Motorola logo.

Because Motorola no longer competes in the flagship segment, it could be a while until the brand’s mid-range offerings embrace the bezel-less look depicted by Model C. The alternative rear looks, however, could appear in the near future.

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