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Motorola XOOM LTE owners invited to Jelly Bean soak test

Motorola XOOM LTE owners invited to Jelly Bean soak test
Motorola's MO for a software update is to invite members of the Motorola Support Network with a specific device, to take part in a soak test. This means that a limited number of units will have a new software build installed so that the OEM can run some tests to see if there are any problems with the update. By limiting the number of devices that take part in a soak test, it puts a cap on the number of devices that could end up bricked. Shortly after the soak test, if everything works out fine, the update is sent out to all of the appropriate phones or tablets.

The Verizon Motorola XOOM LTE is participating in a soak test
One device that will be soon undergoing soak testing is the Motorola XOOM LTE tablet for Verizon. While the invitation for the soak test mentions an update to Jelly Bean, we're probably looking at Android 4.1, not Android 4.2. But that will still bring such coveted features as Project Butter, Google Now and actionable notifications to the tablet.

Participants in the soak test have to agree to keep everything confidential, so the next time you read about the Verizon branded Motorola XOOM LTE, it could be to inform you that Android 4.1 is on the way.

source: AndroidCentral

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