Motorola RAZR3 is alive and well after a leak reveals its reality?

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Motorola RAZR3 is alive and well after a leak reveals its reality?
Now that they've gotten some experience in the Android world, Motorola is looking to once again pay attention to the phone that catapulted them into stardom in the first place. Motorola is moving forward in placing some effort in the development of the RAZR3 which was placed on hiatus back in November 2008 as the company reevaluated its course in the mobile industry. Now that things are looking to be a bit more stable for the company, there is a leaked photo and video that sheds some light on the rumored Motorola RAZR3 prototype handset. This GSM phone packs a 5-megapixel camera with an LED flash, Nuance voice-recognition, and a large external touchscreen that's become a staple of some the last incarnations of the RAZR phones. Based on the video, it looks to be a bit more rounded as opposed to angular while at the same time, it'll follow the design elements featured on past devices. Despite adorning an original launch date some time in early 2009, it became apparent that Motorola had to reinvent themselves by opening up to Android and hitting the brakes on the RAZR3. It'll be interesting to see the reaction from consumers who've been used to seeing nothing but Android phones dominate Motorola's phone lineup.

via SlashGear

Here are some more leaked pictures of the handset that showed up at BGR.


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