Motorola RAZR i vs LG Optimus G vs Samsung Galaxy S III: spec comparison

Motorola RAZR i vs LG Optimus G vs Samsung Galaxy S III: spec comparison
The Motorola RAZR i has just arrived and it's a beauty for those loving compact designs and strong materials. Don't get fooled by the looks, though, on the inside the RAZR i is a pretty powerful device and it's actually the first smartphone to come with a 2GHz processor. It's an Intel Atom 32nm single-core magic with hyperthreading that should stand a fight against today's dual-cores and quad-cores. Still, it's definitely not a flagship device, but more of a device seeking a nice price to function balance. 

Still, that 2GHz processor should excite. That's what bothers us geeks the most, good old specs. How does the Motorola RAZR i fair against the ARM-based competition and does it stand a change? We have a quick spec comparison to give you a general idea, but we'd have to look into some benchmarks to get an accurate idea about this 2GHz Intel Atom Z2460 processor and how it looks against the ever popular Cortex A9s and Krait processors in Snapdragon S4 series.

The 2GHz impressive number you see in the specs is reached only when thermal conditions allow it, though, with the base clock remaining at the 1.3GHz standard for the Medfield chip. Intel is also providing the HSPA+ baseband and that means no LTE version of the device, so obviously it's unlikely to see this phone in the States. Instead, you'll get the similar, but ARM-based Droid RAZR M on Verizon. We expect the first Intel-based phones for the U.S. soon, probably early next year.

So far we can see that Motorola has done some great job in image processing and brags about having a very speedy 8-megapixel camera that starts up in a second and fires up as many as 10 shots in a second.

So check this first spec comparison below and stay tuned for more, we're sure we'll be hearing more details about this Intel Atom processor soon.

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