Motorola Motoroi and its little bump get a starring role on videos

Motorola Motoroi and its little bump get a starring role on videos
Expected to be heading to T-Mobile in March, the Motorola MOTOROI was taken for a quick spin on video. Surely you remember the bump on the side of the handset. The specs that are known for now make this seem like a QWERTY-less DROID. The 3.7 inch display is the same size and they both share the same processor (although those who were able to get some alone time with the device felt it was faster than the DROID). The device currently runs on Android 2.0 which we're sorry to say, the Time Magazine 2009 Gadget of the Year still is powered by. By March, perhaps things will be different for one or both of the phones. We know that the camera on the MOTOROI trumps the other device as it is an 8MP shooter. Those who played with the device commented that it is not as thin as the Nexus One, but is lighter than the DROID/MILESTONE. As for MOTOBLUR, Android and Me reports that while there is confusion over whether or not the Korean version would include it, the T-Mobile model will have it. Hurray for all of you social butterflies.

source: Androidandme via Engadget


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