Motorola DROID video shows handset running Android 2.1

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Motorola DROID video shows handset running Android 2.1
Remember when Motorola told DROID owners to expect the Android 2.1 update by the end of the week? Of course you do. The update never came, and DROID owners have been waiting ever since for Android 2.1, like a jilted lover who keeps waiting for her/his beau to return. But imagine what your handset would be like had Motorola actually done what it promised to. Web site droid-life was able to update a DROID with what they believe to be the official Android 2.1 update that the phone will actually receive-when it finally does come down from the heavens above like manna. What you are about to see is not some custom 2.1 ROM. And, as droid-life warns, following in their footstep could easily brick your DROID, make you miss the OTA upgrade, and turn the universe upside down. Note how smoothly the device runs, especially scrolling and the pinch-to-zoom feature. The handset seems to run faster, too. Now back to reality. The update still is MIA, but hopefully it will be coming soon.

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source: droid-life



1. vzwman

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Posts: 3131; Member since: Jan 12, 2010

Phonearena seems to enjoy torturing and teasing droid users about the 2.1 upgrade since they post about 2 billion articles about it.

3. numberonenygfan

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Touche... this stinks...

5. deschats

Posts: 193; Member since: Jun 09, 2009

root your phone, seriously.

4. bossmt_2

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If you root your droid you can get Android 2.1. I'm running off 2.1 as we speak. Don't have the launcher cause I also have a custom Rom that changes things up.

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