Motorola DROID test group getting Froyo upgrade OTA?

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Motorola DROID test group getting Froyo upgrade OTA?
Now that the Nexus One has apparently received the Android 2.2 upgrade, the next phone to receive Froyo is expected to be the Motorola DROID. And tonight, there is speculation that a test group of DROID owners is receiving an OTA upgrade to Android 2.2 before the sun rises on Tuesday morning. Before all of you DROID owners start expecting to see Flash in the browser, the group receiving the download is supposedly a small "subset" of DROID users. This action would seem to fit the timeline of a late July upgrade to Android 2.2 for all DROID units as we have reported. If you have been lucky enough to be among the DROID owners receiving Froyo, let us know what your experience has been by leaving a comment below.

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source: AndroidGuys


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