Motorola DROID is Engadget's Gadget of The Year

Motorola DROID is Engadget's Gadget of The Year
The Motorola DROID has certainly made an impression in the short period of time it has been out. First, it singlehandedly revived Motorola. It gave Verizon a device that it can stand next to the iPhone without looking foolish and it started off the recent craze called Androidmania. Not long after launch, Time Magazine named the phone its 2009 Gadget of the Year. Now, the handset is raking in some more hardware. Based on voting results from readers of Engadget, the DROID was picked as the 2009 Gadget of the Year and the 2009 Smartphone of the Year. It also won GPS Device of the Year. The Samsung Instinct HD won the 2009 Cellphone of the Year.

The Editors over at Engadget voted for the same subjects and once again, the DROID took Gadget of the Year and GPS Device of the Year. Smartphone of the Year went to the iPhone 3GS and the LG BL40 Chocolate Touch was Cellphone of the Year. Interestingly, the Editors voted the Nuvifone G60 as the Worst Gadget of the Year (readers selected the non-cellphone iPod Shuffle 3G) and the Peripheral of the Year for the Editors was the Palm Touchstone recharger while MiFi won Wireless Device of the Year. We've just listed the winners with a connection to the cellphone industry. You can check out the entire list of winners at the source link.

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source: Engadget



1. cj100570

Posts: 204; Member since: May 12, 2009

Droid Does Keep Racking Up The Awards

2. ILOVEtechnology unregistered

And the iphone keeps selling millions of phones BRING IT BITCH!

3. uknow85

Posts: 38; Member since: May 28, 2009

but ur not getting the millions at all so whats ur point he was making a fact ur makin a assumption the droid hasnt been out as nearly as long as the ithong has and its selling like made and wining everything in site while apple gets ready for its oversize ipod touch for $400-800 dollars so im DROID all day and what the iphone doesn't do the DROID does BITCH!!!

4. testman22

Posts: 339; Member since: Nov 03, 2009

Insert Iphone fanboys rationalizing and excuses here.....

9. scottmbolt unregistered


19. ILOVEtechnology unregistered

u get -200 fag!

22. scottmbolt unregistered

Don't take out your mommy issues on me pal

27. ILOVEtechnology unregistered

how was the gay bar last night?

36. tonyc_42

Posts: 61; Member since: Aug 18, 2009

dude what is wrong with you??? all you do on here is be negative and call people fags. sounds like a closet homo situation to me. have something inteligent to say or get off here douche bag

37. jogutier

Posts: 324; Member since: Feb 12, 2010

A perfect example of a iPhone user. Ditto buddy!

39. ILOVEtechnology unregistered

inteligent? Do you mean intelligent? Its two L's you fucking moron

40. devilz

Posts: 10; Member since: Aug 28, 2008

hi hi hi...

5. uknow85

Posts: 38; Member since: May 28, 2009

umm did my response from earlier get deleted why? cause i cursed in it what it is the apple restricting adult apps or something come on phone arena

6. josuearisty

Posts: 148; Member since: Sep 30, 2009


7. Schmao

Posts: 365; Member since: Jul 05, 2009


8. numberonenygfan

Posts: 211; Member since: Oct 19, 2009

Ok until a week ago .. i would agree with this phone winning another award... however my personal expierence is that my droid has been calling people randomly while im sleeping. It called yesterday not only my friends 12 to 15 times that night, but during the day, it not only called four different people in a half hour, but it called them each 4 times aaaand then proceeded to call my friends on FACEBOOK which are not in my contacts list!!! Certified like new replacement is on its way for wed. from vzw, anyone have any ideas to fix this problem on my current phone? id love to keep it cause i bought it brand new...


Posts: 158; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

funny ive had my droid a week before it hit stores and its given me no problems. sounds like an isolated incident.

12. killingthemonk

Posts: 52; Member since: Feb 19, 2009

Try a master reset and install your apps one at a time. Wait between installs to see if the issue reoccurrs. That isn't the Android software. Something else is causing it.

10. scottmbolt unregistered

Android OS is where its at!

13. numberonenygfan

Posts: 211; Member since: Oct 19, 2009

So far what i have read, and thanks guys..i have actually done the master reset on the device... but i used a charger that was for my bluetooth headset. I have looked at many different forums on the topic and im not the only one whos had this issue... the reason why i used the charger for my H710 blue tooth headset is because the cord is longer that 2 ft! I guess its causes the phone to go nutzo if you dont use the actual charger that came with the phone. the only other thing i was wondering was it may be one of the apps i have making the phone go buggy, but after the master reset, it actually stopped calling people, as soon as i plugged it back into that charger, its went nuts calling people again. another thing i used the usb cord to plug it into my ps3 to grab some photos and music off it and it went crazy..i have the referb coming .. so well see what it does... any other ideas let me know .. im going to do the reset and uninstall all apps that i downloaded.. what good is this thing if you get a virus from an app y ou download? ugh... i have a feeling tho that its getting some sort of interference from other chargers that i use or other electronic devices that i put it near... google it guys see if any of this makes sense to you guys.. i googled "motorola droid random calls" and i got a surprising amount of results

14. theGodpapa

Posts: 181; Member since: Dec 15, 2009

I am glad to see this handset is not going away anytime soon, because it truly is the best of the best available to date. D R O I D

15. mthoren68

Posts: 66; Member since: Sep 21, 2009

Oh this is crap! The Droid sucks! It's like not nearly cool enough! It's not on a network with someone hip like Luke Wilson as a spokesperson. The CEO of Motorola doesn't wear jeans and a cool black turtleneck every day. He's obviously not a hip dude! I have looked and looked and I cannot find a fart app for The Droid. I mean, if you can't make your phone fart on command, then you are obviously working with deficient technology. Ohhh, and those sharp, sharp corners, they poked my pee-pee when I tried to put The Droid in my pocket. Not to mention that stupid keyboard. Only dillweeds use a real keyboard. And Android is obviously a fad. That OS will be gone in 6 months. Not like my iPhone. If Apple can keep pumping out the same phone, virtually unchanged for 3 years and discriminating lemmings like me are willing to keep buying it, then it MUST me the device of the CENTURY!! Go iPhone!!

16. testman22

Posts: 339; Member since: Nov 03, 2009

lol +1

23. scottmbolt unregistered

lol +2

26. ILOVEtechnology unregistered

u got -200 too fag, you and your gay lover scott get a room!

28. testman22

Posts: 339; Member since: Nov 03, 2009

being gay is a life choice. But if you own an iphone I guess choice is something you're not too familiar with

17. thetwiztidfreak

Posts: 19; Member since: Aug 03, 2009

How can you say the OS is a fad and will be gone in 6 months? the iphone OS is more of a fab and has alot better chace of dieing since it is only on 1 device, unlike android that is blowing up, new devices coming out constantly with it. I even like my WM device better than the ipphone OS since i could you customize it, and MULTITASK. Also why would any one want to be foreced to use that POS software itunes. You can just add music from different sources any time you want, every time i sync my girls iphone i have to re sync the entire library which is a major pain

25. mthoren68

Posts: 66; Member since: Sep 21, 2009

Um, my post was sarcasm. Not even subtle. Unabashed, unmitigated sarcasm.

29. idiotwind13

Posts: 80; Member since: Dec 29, 2008

Apparently the sarcasm that prior statement was dripping with escaped you...

18. Kappy

Posts: 108; Member since: Dec 14, 2009

I wonder what the update to the droid will be?

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