Motorola DROID BIONIC battery life hinted in photos

Motorola DROID BIONIC battery life hinted in photos
The Motorola DROID BIONIC is supposed to sport the above average battery life that we are accustomed to give Motorola credit for with its Android handsets running Texas Instruments silicon. It was also confirmed by a tester a few weeks ago.

A few photos have now emerged that show the battery meter at different stages during a DROID BIONIC usage. Up to the 60% mark the phone had been hooked up to Verizon's 3G network, and lasted about 15 hours. Then the user flipped the LTE switch, and the phone ate 10% more in four hours, arriving with the 4G connectivity on at the 25-hour mark, and still having 15% of juice left.

Now it isn't specified anywhere what type of usage and how much time was spent on each activity, but from the looks of it the cell standby and phone idle consumed the bulk of juice during the full day and night battery tryout, and the user confirmed it hasn't been a power usage scenario. Still, pretty decent for a phone with a power hog of a radio like this first generation LTE ones, and an indication that Motorola's issues with the phone might be behind it. And they should, since it is about to launch soon enough.

source: Droid-life

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