Motorola DEFY plagued by faulty earpieces, warranty will cover

Motorola DEFY plagued by faulty earpieces, warranty will cover
The Motorola DEFY has been through it all – the rugged handset took a dive, then it was tortured with waterboarding, we bathed it and it survived too. But a growing number of users reported that it fails in another area and that is its earspeaker. Motorola still hasn't come up with an official statement on the matter, but most reports hint to a manufacturing issue. This is no good news as it would mean that no easy software fix will come to save the day. As troubling as this is for Motorola DEFY owners, the issue is still covered with warranty, but it can take several days up to weeks to get your device fixed.

The phone started selling earlier in Germany and that helps to understand why most of the defective speaker reports come from there. Most users report that the earpiece stops functioning within the first couple of days of use, but calls could still be made using the loud speaker.

Some reporters claim that the company has already produced the planned quantity of Motorola DEFY units for Europe for 2010. It would be a pity to find out that the issue affects all of those devices. On our part, we were charmed by the combination of good software and toughness the phone offers. But it might be wiser to hold on getting it now and wait for that official response by Moto. In the meantime, check out our in-depth review of the Motorola DEFY and see if it is worth the risk.

source: Motorola Forum via BGR

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4. Ske unregistered

If u buy this phone buy a totaly black one has no earpiece problems and works like a swiss clock with tons of apps,all u need to do if he slow down a bit turn him off then on(restart) like a compyter then he works fast again:)hope i helped someone :P so avoid White/black defy its cheaper yea but have problems... get Black one.

3. clooch unregistered

Ha... My earpiece went out a week ago. Receiving a replacement this Monday. What luck. I thought it was just an isolated problem with my phone. Great... Looking forward to the same potential problem.

2. Sean unregistered

DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. IT DOESN'T WORK. There are plenty of other phones that do. Check out your review to see if it's worth the risk? I can't believe you made such a boneheaded suggestion. A phone that doesn't work is not a phone.

1. Unhappy Defy Owner (earpiece i unregistered

I purchased my DEFY phone on Feb. 25, 2011 From a T-Mobile store. The phone was great & worked like a charm until the 4th. or 5th. week of service. Then the earpiece on the phone went out. I went back up the the T-Mobile store, and they ordered me a new replacement with no issues. Once I received the new phone, I had to swap out my SIM card, Battery, & reload all of my Apps. onto the "new" phone. The "new" phone didn't look new at all. It looked like it may of been a refurbished phone to me, but at the time, I just needed my phone to work!! Well, it did.........for about another 4 weeks, and the ear piece went out again!! So, I went back up to the T-Mobile store again, they ordered me another phone, without any issues. I just received it on 05/27/ here I go again, having to reload everything! Although this phone does look like a new unit. I have to wait & see what happens. I know there's huge issues in Europe with the DEFY Phones from what I've read on-line. F.Y.I. - - I've never dropped any of my phones, I've never used the ear phone jack in any of them at all. This phone is used in the USA, T-Mobile service provider. The speakerphone hasn't ever been an issue once on any of them either. Plus, if you apply pressure on the back of the phone with your index finger, just under the camera lens.....sometimes this will make the speaker loud enough for you to hear the caller. Thus making me think that this is a manufacturing problem, possibly the solder joint or connection? Motorola......are you listening to your customers?? I'm not the only one with this problem here!! I already told T-Mobile that I follow the "3 Strike Your Out Policy"!! I know this isn't a T-Mobile problem (they have been very helpful in fact). But I'll give this Motorola phone back, & go with a competitor's phone & T-Mobile service, and I won't even look back!

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