Motorola CLIQ 2 heading to T-Mobile

Motorola CLIQ 2 heading to T-Mobile
As we told you, the expected launch date of the Motorola CLIQ 2 was November 1, 2010 - but quite obviously, this prediction didn't materialize. However, it seems certain that the CLIQ 2 is here to stay - the handset was published for opposition by the US Patent and Trademark Office, which is the last step before a trademark is issued.
Needless to say, this doesn't give us any further details about the successor of the Motorola CLIQ, so all we know is that it's rumoured to run Froyo and MOTOBLUR and to have a one solid piece "interesting keyboard". Take into account, though, that this info is a few months old, when it was strongly suggested that the handset is going to be called "Motorola Begonia", its launch date was touted as November 1 and Froyo was the latest craze in the Android universe. No release date or pricing information is available at the moment.

source: pocketnow



2. ingram1225 unregistered

this is the second picture i've seen of the Cliq2 and ironic... it's a different looking phone then the first pic I saw. Too bad it's only 600MHz CPU.

1. skymitch89

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I would think that the Cliq XT is the Cliq 2, but who knows?

3. ingram1225 unregistered

nah the Cliq XT was a successor of sorts to the Cliq. It's the same internals as the Cliq but minus a keyboard. Their are added physical features like a dedicated camera button and a slick Dpad. I currently own the Cliq XT and my wife owns the Cliq (she wanted a keyboard).

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