Motorola Adventure V750 is rugged

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Motorola Adventure V750 is rugged
Motorola V750 is one of the two new devices planned to be launched this summer along with the introduction of Verizon’s new PTT service. We pretty much already knew all the specs and have images of the device, but an interesting new bit of information is the rugged design of the V750. According to same promotional materials we received, the phone will meet military specs 810F for shock, vibration, solar radiation, high temperature storage, altitude, high and low temperature operation and blowing dust. Seeing the promo materials, we expect the new PTT service and VU30 and Adventure V750 to be released very soon.

Thanks Omie!



1. nikki unregistered

Motorola coming out with an actually durable phone? I'll wait till we get these in our store to be the judge of that.

7. Bags unregistered

Hmm? Have you ever heard of NEXTEL.??

12. nikki unregistered

I work for Verizon, of course I've heard of Nextel. Motorola just doesn't make the most dependable phones. Even you should know that.

2. unregistered

I just hope it doesn't lag or have limited UI customization like all the other Motos

3. pmm122 unregistered

To answer both...the original RAZR was (and is) one of the most durable phones I have ever owned (and read millions upon millions of such testimonials online, too). The RAZR2, also very very durable. The only "weak" phones I've ever had are Samsung and Sony Ericsson (though SE's OS is my very favorite). As to Moto's OS...the new MOTOMAGX (RAZR2 V8, RIZR, ROKR, etc) is WONDERFUL...and, the updated Synergy used on the RAZR2 V9 is FAR more customizable, and one of the fastest you'll ever see. You guys need to get to up to date on your cell facts...

4. pmm122 unregistered

i hope ur talking about the razr for tmo or att cuz for cdma they suck just like u >_< i would never in my life buy another a moto phone. i am sticking with HTC for LIFE!!

9. unregistered

Razr is a good phone? Thats odd considering all the broken and glichy ones I still see at my store. The only phone worse is the Krazer and its probably on the same level of horrible as the original chocolate...... I hope moto pulls themselves up with the new models because anyone that works in a store can tell you how poor they are compared to other makers. I do like the moto 755...

13. nikki unregistered

Hey pmm122 I think YOU need to get up to date on your facts. I work for Verizon and trust me, Motorola is at the BOTTOM of the list. They are returned to my store ALL the time. If you actually worked with different cell phone models daily like I do, you would see how crappy they really are. So next time before you go posting on how good a phone is maybe YOU need to check out your facts.

19. Donato unregistered

Nikki, As someone who is familiar with Verizon phones, which one do you think is the best for call quality and reception? I am soon turning in my old LG VX8350 clam for a new phone and I am confused by all the choices. I like the LG enV2 design but I do not do much text messaging. The new LG VX8610 looks promising. Are all Motorola phones poor in your opinion? How about the z6c or this new V750? I prefer not to purchase a touch screen phone because of the "issues" I have read about them. Otherwise, the Venus might be perfect. Thanks for your time and input. I think you can help out many of us with your reply.

5. unregistered

This phone looks pretty good. It will be WAY better than the stupid G'Zone they have now.

6. unregistered

WAit, so is it called the Adventure?

8. Omie

Posts: 8; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

That's what it says doesn't it :p

10. unregistered

I like the idea of a ruggedized phone, but most of the manufacturing plants I work in will not allow cameras of any kind in the plant. If they are trying for the business market, I think they miss the point by not having a cameraless option. Also certification for Class I, Div I areas, but thats another issue.

15. unregistered

the current G'z one can be ordered for customers in a non-camera version and that thing can take a beating

11. EZtest unregistered

material needed: 1 - gun 1 - bullet 1 - phone 1 - phone holder take da bullet nd put it n da gun, put da phone n da holder nd put da gun up to da phone nd pull da trigger. if da phone is still in-tact den obviously u missed the phone nd wasted a bullet!!! either dat or da phone is bullet proof! if da phone is n peices den obviously u dropped it before it made it 2 da phone holder (butterfingers!!!!) stay tuned! next time we'll test how durrable a gun is against a steam roller! lolz

21. dirty Harry unregistered

That is all Verizon wireless phones are good for target prastice

14. Don Louie unregistered

When is it's sprint cousin, the v950 going to rear it's head and what will the name be

16. Omie

Posts: 8; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

The V950 "Explorer" :p

17. unregistered

Oh come one everyone! This phone doesn't look that bad. Hell, I'd take it over a Juke. It will be a nice addition to Verizon's line up.

18. rem87062597 unregistered

Is it weatherproof like the G'Zones? It doesn't look like it, but that would be nice.

20. geolama unregistered

Should be available on or around 7 July.

25. unregistered

Should be available on or around 7 July. GEOLAMA............. do YOU know something?

22. TWilli017 unregistered

It's July 7th. No show on this phone yet. :(

23. unregistered

i want this phone! any idea when it will be out?

31. 483euilp unregistered

just ask for the phone they probably have it in stock already. i bought mine at july 15. so they have it but havent been selling it to most costumers yet its only worth a 100 after 50 dollars rebate. just ask for it if they have it in stock at any verizon store but not at other stores like circuit city, best buy, or other stores that sells verizon phones cause they dont have it in stock until the day they sell them. which is july 28, 2008

24. TWilli017 unregistered

I never understand why the big secret? Just give us a release date already! We know its comin- just give us the date ! Act like its some kind of government secret or something. I get tired of waiting, I will just go over to Sprint and get the same damn phone (V950) & use THIER lousy network! At least I will have my phone...... they already released thiers !!

26. TWilli017 unregistered

This just in: The V750 Adventure to be relased in ALL markets (stores & web) on July 28th, 2008 !

27. TWilli017 unregistered

Cost? $99.99 w/ 2 year contract..PLUS..... a $50 mail in rebate during the promotion. Price goes up with 1 yr contract or no contract.

28. unregistered

I just heard it will be out on the 21st.

29. unregistered

Better yet....but how good is your "source"?

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