Project Fi's delicious deal on the Moto X4 has you saving $270; pay $149 or $6.20 a month

The conditions of the deal/s may have changed since the initial publishing of this post.
Project Fi's delicious deal on the Moto X4 has you saving $270; pay $149 or $6.20 a month
Sure, Amazon was selling the unlocked Moto X4 for only $140 earlier this month. But that Valentine's Day promotion has disappeared, along with Cupid's arrows. There might not be a holiday going on in the states right now, but Google MVNO Project Fi is selling the Moto X4 for only $149 (via The Nokia Blog). That works out to $6.20 a month over 24 months. And if you trade in your phone, depending on the model, you might be able to get the Moto X4 for free.

Project Fi keeps subscribers' monthly invoices down by trying to hook them up first with a nearby Wi-Fi hotspot. If the subscriber is out of Wi-Fi range, the phone connects with the network belonging to one of three carriers: Sprint, T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular. A Project Fi handset will figure out which of the three wireless providers has the strongest signal at the user's current location, and make the appropriate connection.

The deal requires that the phone be activated on Fi within 30 days after the handset is shipped. If you don't activate the Moto X4 within the 30 day time period, your Google Payments account will be charged with the amount of the discount on the phone. Project Fi normally sells this phone for $419, so the $270 discount represents a savings of 64%. And if you get the phone for free with a trade, your savings is 100%.

The Moto X4 available from Project Fi is an Android One device, which means that is will be among the first Android handsets to receive the latest updates from Google. In fact, it is currently running Android 9 Pie. It also means that the handset is running stock Android.

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