Moto 360 and its secretive charger get snapped: steel waterproof timepiece with a heart rate sensor

Moto 360 and its secretive charger get snapped: steel waterproof timepiece with a heart rate sensor
We were hoping that the Moto 360 will be every bit as pretty and timeless in real life, as it is in the press renders and promo videos that Motorola put out. Well, seeing the first live pics of the most-awaited smartwatch of the season, these hopes are coming to fruition. An Italian tech blogger has gotten his hands on what seems a retail Moto 360, and has snapped it in multiple photos from all angles, including how it looks on his wrist.

Furthermore, the source reveals some specifications for the device, confirming many previous speculations. The Moto 360 is a stainless steel timepiece with IP67 waterproof certification, meaning that you can dunk it in a three feet pool of water for at least half an hour without any ensuing damage. On top of that, the Android Wear gear features a heart rate sensor, too, as is pretty evident from the writing on the back. The other such sensor in a mobile device is the heart rate monitor in the Galaxy S5, which serves as a cool gimmick there, bringing little difference compared to a pulse measuring app. Since the Moto 360 will always be on your wrist, however, the optical sensor on the back will be able to continuously measure your pulse, instead of sporadically putting a finger against it, like with the S5. This might open the door to a new crop of health apps that can take advantage of these 24/7 pulse recordings that the smartwatch will be able to pull off.

Moreover, the Moto 360 inductive charging system has been displayed, too, ready to top off your phone's battery - hopefully the device will be longer-lasting than the current crop of Android Wear watches from LG or Samsung. A few more built-in sensors, like a light meter and a pedometer, round up Motorola's excellent offering, and we can't wait for the Moto 360 to hit our offices for the review round.


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