More Verizon phones are expected to be able to run FiOS Mobile app

More Verizon phones are expected to be able to run FiOS Mobile app
Back in February, we reported on how the Motorola DROID and HTC Imagio were going to be the very first devices to have the ability to run the new FiOS Mobile app that allows them to control their FiOS DVR remotely. Now it looks like the handset support is expanding as Verizon announced the availability of the app for the the HTC Droid Eris, Droid Incredible, and Touch Pro2. From the looks of it so far, HTC has been getting a decent chunk of love from Verizon as their handsets clearly take up a good amount of space on their lineup. Basically owners can download and install the FiOS Mobile app where they can simply jump in and use the Remote DVR Manager application to control their FiOS DVR from their handsets directly. Not only are you able to schedule recordings while at work, but you can even check out the Guide to see what upcoming shows are worthy enough to be recorded. The application is of course free to download – so now you won't have any reasons to miss out on your favorite shows.

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1. Joel V unregistered

I like that Verizon has an app for iPad, but because their app has so much missing, I think it will be an app that will sit on an iPad, not being used. As a customer and employee of DISH Network, I have used the DISH Remote Access app for a long time and it is an app that I use constantly. Like the Verizon app, I can control my DVR using my iPad, but unlike their app, I can take my shows and recordings with me. Anywhere that I can get a 3G connection to my iPad is where I can stream live TV and recorded shows. It is great! I suggest checking out to get all the information on taking your TV with you!

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