Monster Hunter Freedom Unite finally goes back to the App Store with iOS 9 support


Fans of Capcom's iOS ports of former console titles can finally breathe a sigh of relief, for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite has triumphantly returned to the App Store after a prolonged leave of absence. It's been patched up to work on iOS 9 devices, receiving various stability fixes along the way.

In case you don't know about drama, it goes like this – iOS 9 unexpectedly broke the game in September last year, but rather than issue a prompt fix, Capcom straight up seized sales and pulled it off the App Store several months later. The publisher originally planed to launch an updated version this Spring, but May came around and players were left with the news that the fix might not be complete until July 10 due to compatibility issues. Thankfully, Capcom managed to deliver, and here we are, playing the PSP classic on Apple devices again.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is an action game that puts the player against large, bloodthirsty fantasy monsters. On your way to their lairs, you will complete quests with various objectives and reap rewards, enhancing your weapons, armor, and character stats. The game is optimized for touch controls and has improved graphics over the original, along with 4-player cooperative multiplayer over Wi-Fi.

Following the update, MHFU will run on any mobile Apple device that's not an iPhone 4, iPod Touch (4 and 5 gen), iPad 2 or earlier. The price still remains a rather steep (by mobile gaming standards) $14.99.

Download Monster Hunter Freedom Unite ($14.99)

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