Modified BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha phone heading to some developers

Modified BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha phone heading to some developers
Recently, some sharp-eyed BlackBerry fans noticed a rendering of the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha phone that looked a little different than the model that has been handed out since May's BlackBerry World. RIM has a history of making multiple versions of internal dev devices, so it might not have been surprising to see the rendering. RIM quickly pulled the image, but that didn't stop those who had seen it from questioning the Canadian based manufacturer about it.

One tweet from RIM says that there will be a "minor hardware bump" made to the Dev Alpha model in what it calls a "normal part of any pre-release
program." That was followed up with a question about cosmetic changes on the modified version of the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha phone. The tweeted response from RIM was pretty specific and stated that the microSIM placement had changed.

So we should be expecting a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B device as RIM continues to court developers for its new BlackBerry 10 OS.

source: BerryReview


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1. pikapowerize

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really wanna see some competitions in mobile market... i hope that iOS ans andriod isnt the only one dominating this world.. i wanna see windows phone 8 ans blackberry 10 have a share in the pie.... i wanna see meego devices by jolla(since nokia is all windows phone now.... they only got two options--- fail or rise!!!! i really wanna see symbian too but not on high end since a lot of people hate and dislike them.. because no ecosystem...i really wanna see symbian on low end instead of horrible S40...lack of apps and no multitasking!!! come on nokia you are better than this!!! and you will be better without elop!!!) i hope to see webOS too!!! breakdown big three(or four) 1.) iOS 2.)Android OS 3.)Windows Phone OS and BlackBerry OS the runner ups(but has visible share) 4.)Jolla MeeGo OS 5.) open webOS (i've heard HP will open webOS, i hope developers and makers will be attracted) others -FireFox OS/Tizen OS(since they are both running html5 not ready for primetime use...especially not all countries are internet ready) -symbian(for low end...i wish) i hope for the best for webOS too!!! one of the first smartphone OSes (blackberry, windows mobile and symbian)

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