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Mobile is changing the way we work

Mobile is changing the way we work
Mobile phones are quickly turning into smartphones in everyone’s pockets, and this has some implications on not just how we live our life, but also how we work. We are always connected, always ready to reply to whatever comes through, our phones are always buzzing with messages, updates and others.

For better or worse, this is the current reality, and an interesting infographic explores just how we’ve arrived at that and what exactly has changed after the arrival of mobile phones and the wide adoption of smartphones.

On the positive side, without a doubt, we’ve become much more productive, capable of doing things faster, even when we’re not sitting at our desk in front of a desktop computer, but also on the go. 

But we’ve also lost some of our privacy and peace of mind with that always-on connectedness. Social networking is booming and cell phone usage as well, but that calmness of before seems kind of gone. Do you miss it? What do you think we’ve gained and lost with this smartphone revolution going on? Let us know your thoughts below.

source: Rypple via IntoMobile

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