Another game like PUBG for mobile: play a 120-person deathmatch on your phone!

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is easily among the most popular multiplayer games on PC right now. Although still in early access, it has topped the Steam charts and is regularly in the top 3 streamed games on Twitch. Naturally, such success will draw imitation on every platform.

However, the rules of the game make for a hard thing to just code in a rush and spit out a clone — 100-man matches, a huge map, lots of randomly-generated weapon spawns, et cetera. That's why it's impressive when we see a PUBG clone on mobile. And this game is exactly that:

Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival takes very obvious cues from PUBG — you have the initial drop from an airplane, you have your random weapon drops, weapon customization with scopes and stocks, lots of houses, bushes, and trees to hide in and behind. You even have a feature where you can speak to nearby players via your mic — yup, the trash-talking can ensue!

This title even takes things up to 11... well, actually, up to 120 — it ups the player limit to 120 persons in a match. At least that's what the counter on the top-right says, but we are a bit skeptical if it's a realistic one.

Yes, we know, shooter games on a touchscreen are... bad. And we've yet to test if Rules of Survival with a controller. However, if you've got the PUBG fever, but are spending too much time away from your PC — this game might just be the fix you need? Check it out!

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