Mobile app developers in hot demand

Mobile app developers in hot demand
It seems that mobile software developers are still few and far between, while everybody is scrambling to have a presence in Apple's, Google's, or the other application stores.

A number of companies are boosting their mobile development teams, but it will take time for this need to be filled with qualified people. Desktop software developers need a new set of skills to write code for mobile, so they get retrained, whereas new talent just isn't out there yet in sufficient quantity.

A survey in October last year has shown the average salary in the field to hit $76 000, rising higher than the average, whereas some companies are reported to pay $90 000 to even $150 000 per year for experienced mobile software developers.

Development centers are also being opened abroad, although outsourcing is more hassle and involvement than internal recruits, but in today's fast-paced app development environment, some companies just prefer the quickest option.

It seems like a great field to be in right now, with employers bidding for talent, while a lot of other sectors are stagnating. This will inevitably change in a few year's time, when more people graduate, attracted by this lucrative field, but for now qualified app developers are having a field day, with their services in hot demand.

source: WSJ



1. protozeloz

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many sure are into mobile development as it needs less funding to promote itself. and has a rapidly increasing market

2. mobile application developer unregistered

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3. Lizzie

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