Mobile Olympics: phones with the best battery life

Mobile Olympics: phones with the best battery life
Camera quality, processing speeds and screen resolution seem to have reached a pretty satisfactory level on modern phones, even on most midrangers, but daily juicing is still required for the vast majority of them, unlike in days past, where you only needed to top off once or twice a week.

That is why we take a peak in our battery tests database to see which phones offer much more endurance than others, and, as expected, the results might surprise you. It's not always the most popular flagship phones, and not even the ones with the highest battery capacity that are at the top of their endurance game, but rather phones that are a good mix of sufficient battery capacity, well-managed processor throttling, and - most of all - power-sipping screens, which means you won't see only phones with high-res displays in the top of the pops. 

We round up some of the best brand-name handsets that scored at least seven hours of screen-on time in our demanding battery test to help you choose, in case battery life is your most important requirement towards a smartphone. On a sidenote, we include the Lenovo P780 and S860 with their gigantic 4000 mAh batteries, despite that they are not present in our database yet, as there is enough hard evidence already that these are the smartphone endurance kings at the moment. There are plenty of new entrants since the last time we updated this list, and we are pleased to see the flagship Xperia Z3, Z3 Compact, Huawei Mate7 and Note 4 to make the top charts.

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