Mint available for beta testers in the WP Store

Mint available for beta testers in the WP Store
The popular personal finance management app Mint has been uploaded to the WP Store. However, you will receive an error if you try to install the app, because at the moment it is intended for beta-testers only and solely they can download and use it. It is expected that the official version of the app will be available to the public at the Windows Phone Store in the beginning of December.

Mint allows you to monitor all of your bank accounts, credtit cards, financial transactions and bills. This way it enables you to make your own budgets, cut expenses, set financial goals to achieve and get the entire picture of where your money goes. Mint supports almost any US-based banking instituition that uses internet-banking services. And you don't have to worry that some wrongdoer might tamper with your precious data, because Mint uses 128-bit encryption, which most of the banks out there use for their internet banking services.


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1. freebee269

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Windows phone app store has had some quality apps release this week. I'm happy to see it.

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