Millennials love Samsung: company tops lists of most-trusted brands


Being a major tech company is about more than just delivering hot new products and compelling services. With so many options out there, you have to give shoppers a reason to pick yours out of the crowd, and that often means developing a strong brand; rather than just buying a device, users are buying into your firm – its image, its ecosystem, and its support structure. Right now, Samsung's the biggest manufacturer around when it comes to selling smartphones, and a new study helps reveal one of the reasons why it's managed to find so much success, as Millennials in the US identify the company as their most-trusted brand.

The survey conducted by The Reputation Institute looks at how shoppers react to hundreds of brands, identifying those shoppers not only recognize, but have strong positive feelings towards – and for Millennials, Samsung is right at the top of that list.

The ranking is more than just about making good products, and also reflects the perception that a company treats its employees fairly, is an innovator and market leader, and is a good corporate citizen.

Somewhat surprisingly, the only other prominent smartphone manufacturer in the top ten with Samsung is Sony at number five – though considering how this survey specifically looks at Millennials living in the US, and Sony's relative indifference towards US smartphone sales, we're guessing that the company's good reputation is based more on its other product lineups.

How much does brand matter when you're buying a smartphone? Have you ever turned down a phone that looked really good in and of itself, but maybe you had a bad experience with the manufacturer in the past? And if so, what does it take to convince you to give such a maligned company another shot? Let us know in the comments.

source: The Reputation Institute via SamMobile

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