T-Mobile finally gets an LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy S III

T-Mobile finally gets an LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy S III
Now that it has started building out an LTE network all of its own, T-Mobile has started offering a version of the Samsung Galaxy S III with LTE connectivity. Unlike the T-Mobile branded Samsung GALAXY Note II, which was sold with an LTE radio that was turned on with a firmware update, the Samsung Galaxy S III was sold by T-Mobile without a way to update it to work with LTE signals.

The Samsung Galaxy S III LTE is available from T-Mobile's web site and right now only the Marble White model can be purchased. The nation's fourth largest carrier is offering the phone for a down payment of $69.99. The rest of the money is due in 24 monthly installments of $20 for a total cost of $549.99. This is the 16GB version of the phone and it is unknown if other variants are going to be offered. For just $80 more, T-Mobile customers can buy the newer Samsung Galaxy S4.

If you are not anywhere near T-Mobile's LTE coverage, you can still purchase the older model without LTE connectivity for the same $549.99 price. This model still has 4G data speed through the carrier's HSPA+ pipeline.

source: T-Mobile via AndroidCentral

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