Microsoft's To-Do app updated as they phase out Wunderlist

As you may know, some time ago Microsoft purchased the popular app Wunderlist. Microsoft's goal was to integrate key features into To-Do and then retire Wunderlist. Some time has now passed and we are starting to see new features introduced regularly into the app. This week both IOS and Android versions saw an update to v.1.28 which brought a few new features and fixes to the app. 

Microsoft introduced "steps" to both app versions this week.

This feature allows you to create a reminder, and then add additional reminders inside the reminder. This is especially useful when you are trying to remember something that has multiple phases. For instance, if you need to remember to finish a report when you get home (but you also often forget to proof read), To-Do now has you covered. Another added improvement is that you can now see list details straight from the detail view and a select all option has been added to the app as well. 

Although both versions received performance improvements...

The IOS edition had some particular issues addressed. A problem with users logging in was repaired. To-Do now also remembers reminders you generate even when you are not connected to the internet. These will then sync when the device reconnects. Finally, the general appearance inside the app was improved for both versions. Microsoft is slowly bringing what was an empty app, up to par. It remains to be seen how long before To-Do can replace Wunderlist.


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