Microsoft's Metro UI is catching on fast, even if WP7 isn't

Microsoft's Metro UI is catching on fast, even if WP7 isn't
Despite the positive projections for Windows Phone's future, we aren't really seeing that reality on the streets. But Microsoft's Metro UI is nevertheless finding a foothold in some odd places.

A WPCentral reader recently spotted a blatant imitation while taking a trip on KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines). And can you guess where they used the Metro UI? Salt and pepper packets! That's right, KLM is using a blatant ripoff of the Metro live tiles, and even the font.

In a more logical sector, Jessica Engström of Sweden is marketing a smartphone pouch which features a monochromatic representation of WP7's homescreen. To get your hands on one of these WP7 devotee goodies, visit the link below.

So is Microsoft going to complain about KLM's ripoff? We doubt it. At this point in WP7's adoption, we imagine Microsoft is grateful for the exposure, and encouraged by KLM's eagerness to imitate. After all, before anyone learns to appreciate the WP7 OS as a whole, they first have to be drawn in by the sexy UI. Kudos, Microsoft. That was officially the first time the words "sexy" and "Microsoft" were used in the same sentence.

source: WPCentral and via WMPoweruser

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