Microsoft wants to reduce amount of future WinMo devices

Microsoft wants to reduce amount of future WinMo devices
Believe it or not, Microsoft says it would like to see fewer devices running on Windows Mobile being released in the future. Currently, cellphones running on WinMo are using version 6.1 with 7 coming next. But the boys in Redmond have watched as Google's open Android OS has taken business away from Microsoft and phone manufacturers like Motorola have committed themselves to using Android for their future smartphone releases. Microsoft VP for Windows Mobile, Todd Peters, explained that by cutting down on the number of devices running Windows Mobile, there would be better integration between WinMo and the phone that is using the OS.

A new challenger to Windows Mobile emerged this week during the CES when Palm rolled the dice and introduced the new Pre smartphone that will run on the financially strapped firm's brand new WebOS. Palm's new phone and OS have created quite a buzz.

What lies ahead for Microsoft and WinMo? Will version 7 help them gather some momentum?

source: NYTimes via BGR
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