Microsoft releases API to easily port iOS apps to Windows Phone 7

Microsoft releases API to easily port iOS apps to Windows Phone 7
He who has the apps is king. And right now, that would be Google and Apple. But while Google and Apple seem to be in a two-horse race for supremacy, Microsoft is a competitor that shouldn't be disregarded. Microsoft has released a new API mapping tool and guide (follow the 'Microsoft' link below) that will simplify the porting of iOS apps to Windows Phone 7.

The guide allows developers to look up their iOS API calls, and then find their WP7 equivalents. And those references include C# samples, and API info to smooth the translation. In addition to the reference tool there is also a 90-page guide for developers looking to port their creations to Windows Phone 7.

At this point in the game, it would take a miracle for the Marketplace to catch up to Apple's App Store and Google's Android Market. But Microsoft is smart to accept that developers aren't going to put all their efforts into the race's dark horse. Instead, Microsoft is making the porting process as painless as possible, and working towards a larger and more comprehensive Marketplace.

source: Microsoft via Redmond Pie


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