Microsoft planning "hassle-free" Wi-Fi service for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS users

Microsoft planning
Most smartphones are equipped with an abundance of connectivity options, making it easy for us to communicate with people, services or devices no matter where we may be. But despite the push towards 4G LTE in many areas, we're often left without cellular coverage, and even when we do manage to grab a few of those precious little bars, the carrier data limitations can quickly put paid to our hopes of browsing the Web. At such times, the scan for a Wi-Fi hotspot commences, and with many recognized companies already providing Wi-Fi across the globe, Microsoft wants to make things a tad easier. 

Redmond's new 'Microsoft Wi-Fi' service was leaked earlier on today over at the domain, and although the site has now been taken down, it has left a trail of clues in its wake. 

In contact with VentureBeat, a representative of the Windows maker has confirmed that Microsoft Wi-Fi is indeed a Thing. The service will apparently bring "hassle-free" Wi-Fi to the masses, with the site also having referred to apps for Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, OS X and Android before being pulled. 

The rep also told VentureBeat that the company "look[s] forward to sharing additional detail when available," and with the Microsoft Wi-Fi website being tested out in public, an official announcement may not be far behind. 

With apps spanning all of the major platforms, Microsoft's idea is to remove much of the red tape that can render logging into Wi-Fi hotspots such a chore. Instead of having to manage multiple logins for different providers, Microsoft Wi-Fi users will sign in once, and from there, automatically connect to a variety of hotspots managed by numerous companies. 

The apps will include maps pinpointing hotspots within a user's vicinity, and while it all sounds fine and dandy, there are, as ever, some conditions. In order to be eligible for Microsoft Wi-Fi, it seems you'll need to be either an active Skype Wi-Fi subscriber, an employee of an organization tethered to Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprise, or an individual in receipt of a special Wi-Fi offer from Microsoft.

Essentially, this looks to be the second-coming of Skype Wi-Fi, with Microsoft apparently eyeing the wider market. The aforementioned prerequisites are by no means final, since Microsoft is keeping fairly tight-lipped on specifics, but as and when we learn more of what's happening with Microsoft Wi-Fi, we'll have the details for you right here. 

source: VentureBeat



1. hound.master

Posts: 1044; Member since: Feb 27, 2015

Isn't it sth like Wi-Fi sense (I don't even know what that is never tried it)?

2. sgodsell

Posts: 7209; Member since: Mar 16, 2013

So Microsoft holds onto all your WiFi passwords. Hmmmm. No, thank you.

3. hound.master

Posts: 1044; Member since: Feb 27, 2015

It's not even about passwords those are free Wi-Fi hotspots.

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