Microsoft expands on 'Really?' ad campaign

Microsoft expands on 'Really?' ad campaign
Some have complained that the new Windows Phone 7 commercials are too confusing. And there might be some truth to that. At first glance, it seems Microsoft is discouraging compulsive smartphone use. Once you've watched it through, or even listened to the bit at the end, it's clear that they're only trying to expedite and simplify the smartphone experience.

Wolfgang Gruener of ConceivablyTech says that Microsoft is attempting to "pack too many images into a single commercial that ultimately blur the message the company wants to send." Well, these three new vignettes are more focused. It's funny that Microsoft has taken the 'Get in, get out, and get back to life' approach, while Virgin Mobile has taken the opposite. Their ads glorify the unlimited data plan that leads customers to surf away in inadvisable situations.

Even if the message of the WP7 ads is clear, their demographic targeting might still be askew. Avid smartphone users (i.e. WP7 early adopters) might not relate to the ad's message. Don't we love playing with our phones? Isn't that why we've chosen these powerful devices, and invested in countless apps? If we really wanted to spend less time on our phones, we would just drop our data plans and downgrade to feature phones.

So for those that are still confused, check out Microsoft's new 'Really?' ads below. The first ad features the phone-focused man whose ignored wife is standing in a provocative nighty. The second ad focuses on the runner who collides with another while using her phone. And the third depicts the distracted father/coach who is on his phone while playing catch.

source: ConceivablyTech via WMPoweruser

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