Microsoft gives you the chance to win a Windows Phone 7 device

Microsoft gives you the chance to win a Windows Phone 7 device
Microsoft wants to show in the best way possible that Zune is more than able to "rock your world" by offering you the chance to win a Windows Phone 7 device with a Zune Pass subscription. You can join the race by going to the official website of the competition or by using Twitter. Our advice though is to do both each day since that multiplies your chances to win an award.

And now the sweet part – let's elaborate on the awards and the general rules of the promo. The promotion will have five entry periods and the first period has already started on 27th of October. The deadline for the first entry is November 2nd and the winner should be known by November 3rd. The grand prize is a Windows Phone 7 device and one year Zune Pass subscription, while five more people will get one month free usage of Zune. The last day of the final entry period is December 1st and the last winner of Windows Phone 7 handset will be drawn from the pot on December 2nd.

You can enter the competition either by going to Rock Your World Sweepstakes or by twitting the phrase "Zune on Windows Phone 7 Rocks My World! Official Rules".

All that's left to say is good luck guys, we here at PhoneArena hope you will win at least a few of the smartphones.

source: Microsoft



1. android_hitman unregistered

its only for USA ... :(

2. uk786

Posts: 47; Member since: Dec 30, 2009

yeaaah, phonearena should have mentioned that! :(

3. ldjkd unregistered

HA!..Im a native born Californian!.Hope I win!!

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