Microsoft acquires Danger

Microsoft acquires Danger
Microsoft has recently completed the acquisition of Danger Inc. That is the company, creator of the popular SideKick phone-line. Now, it will be a part of Microsoft’s newly formed Premium Mobile Experience (PMX) team with leader Roz Ho. “We imagine a mobile experience that embraces sharing and celebrating relationships and personal moments”, he said. We are looking forward to seeing the first child of this union. Will it be more Microsoft or Danger, only time will tell.

source: Microsoft



1. T-Money3000 unregistered

Here's the question, shoulod I get a sidekick with Windows?

2. Oh my! unregistered

Aren't they gonna make a zune phone or something?

3. JAMES VILLAN unregistered

i hear there were going to make a zune/iphone like phone! but still waiting or i really wish they make a touch zune! that would be cool!

4. Haze unregistered

Okay, so let me get this right. Microsoft is working on stuff with T-Mobile like Apple with ATnT. I wonder what new phones for both are right around the corner.

5. CSR unregistered

well, if you look, there are phones for at&t with the windows os, so microsoft buying danger could mean they are going to make the equipment universal, since both t-mo and att are gsm it wouldnt be much of a stretch, i will be very surprised if the sidekick stays an exclusive to t-mo

6. Thomas unregistered

Microsoft is also working with AT&T to put surface in retail stores, so I don't think there's any teaming up going on for any sort of war. I think it's business as usual.

7. Someone unregistered

Who isnt Microsoft working with? They'll be making phones for all providers soon enough. Bill Gates wants to be better than Apple. Thats gonna take a lot of work, time, and billions upon trillions of dollars. But he has all that.

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