Microsoft Surface tablet meets asphalt and lives to tell the story

Microsoft Surface survives
We've had Microsoft touting the durability of its Surface tablet more than once already. First we saw a unit outfitted with a set of skateboard wheels and then taken down for a ride, soon after which the company posted a video of the device being dropped onto a hardwood floor while recording a video. However, those stunts seem like child's play when compared to what happened to Kurt Shintaku and his 64GB Microsoft Surface RT tablet.

Right after lunch, Kurt drove off in his car without realizing that he had forgotten his personal Surface tablet on the roof of his car. The device stayed there for a while, but after a sudden change of lanes, the inevitable happened and gravity took over. After tumbling on the asphalt in front of the eyes of horrified bystanders, the tablet came to a halt a lane away from where Shintaku was.

Yet the Microsoft Surface survived. Yeah, it took one heck of a beating and got several nasty nicks on its magnesium casing, but the glass was not damaged and the device remained completely functional. Fortunately for Kurt, the tablet didn't end up under the tires of another driver's car, as in such a case, his story would not have had a happy ending.

source: Kurt Shintaku via Neowin
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